Out there anything can happen
And it Often Does.

Photo by Terry Steele

Coming September 2020---Scout's Next Book

     Journeys North

 It's "Wild meets The Breakfast Club."

Previous books:

The Pacific Crest Trail: Exploring America's Wilderness Trail  

The Continental Divide Trail:Exploring America's Ridgeline Trail 


From Scout's next book: journeys North   (Mountaineers BOOKS, FALL 2020)


2,600 Miles Down. 37 Miles to GO.

But the weather had turned worse. Once a generation worse. Flecks of snow dusted Blazer’s brows, white fluff blotting jet-black, as she pulled her watch cap down tight. A dim light penetrated the pine and spruce thicket. Blazer piped up, “Happy Birthday, Frodo.”

My wife “Frodo” and I were taken aback. How could we both have forgotten?  Blazer: “What do you want for your birthday?”  

Frodo didn’t hesitate, her breath starkly visible. “I want to get out of the day alive.” 


The Pacific Crest Trail

Exploring America's Wilderness Trail

The Pacific Crest Trail Association and Rizzoli New York

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Rizzoli International's third trail coffee table book follows two award-winners and a New York Times bestseller.  

Co-authored by Barney Scout Mann and Pulitzer-Prize winner Mark Larabee.  Forward by Cheryl Strayed. Stunning photos from 19 photographers accompany the moving saga of the Pacific Crest Trail. 

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